In the ancient Indian language of Sanskrit, Ananda means divine bliss or happiness. We believe in empowering individuals to fulfill their dreams and move out of a life of poverty.
Through grant-making and investing in local nonprofits we strive to reduce global poverty. We believe that four factors are responsible for vulnerable and at risk populations living in poverty: Social injustice, economic disparities, lack of access to both health services and educational opportunities for self development. Given the opportunity many individuals have the potential to thrive and change their lives and that of their family for the better.
We fund community based programs and work with local leaders in underdeveloped and developing countries to address these factors.  Our areas of focus include:

  • Promoting health awareness
  • Providing educational opportunities for children
  • Providing vocational education for men and women
  • Supporting economic empowerment through small loans (microcredit)
  • Supporting entrepreneurship training for women fostering small business development

Ananda Foundation is a nonprofit fund MCP #10743 of Waterstone Support Foundation, a 501-C3 public foundation. Tax ID #84130063.