Field Notes

We feel the best way to be informed about global poverty is to be present — on the ground and with the community. Here, we share our experiences as a mother-daughter team of philanthropists and community advocates. We have met inspiring community leaders and individuals on our journeys who are a testament to the resiliency of the human spirit in spite of adversity and difficult living conditions. We hope that you too, will be inspired and reflect on your role as a global citizen.



  • Rajasthan: The Goat Herd Girls of Virat Nagar
  • Chennai: The underworld of the stone quarry
  • Chennai: In the presence of Pappa Vidyakar
  • Bangalore: Echoing compassion
  • Chennai: The girl who lived in silence
  • Trichy: The chance to be a child
  • Nagapattinam: Our babies have no milk
  • Sowlore: Realizing dreams for Dalit women
  • Kancheepuram: We have not boats


  • Sarnelli House
  • Grameen Bank
  • Patuakalli
  • A Home for Adeline’s Children
  • Clinic for farmers


  • Walking Unidos


  • The land beyond the clouds
  • Clean water in Manu Rainforest